To be inspiring is not a goal in itself. Inspiration should be embedded in our everyday decision making. With everything we do, we should aspire to inspire in some shape or form our loved ones, neighbours, friends and co-workers. Our goal is to live life in an inspirational way.


So stop and reconsider your daily routine. Take children and food for instance. It’s your choice to serve junk food or to go for the healthy option. The choice you make will have a prolonged effect on your children’s association or relation to food. Therefore, we should aspire to inspire. This applies to all of our daily deliberations and more..

TEDxRotterdam focuses on issues important to Rotterdam. Our objectives are to:

  • Inspire a new generation of people to engage responsibly with all the challenges and opportunities that are presented in a big city
  • Bring together people that have found or are seeking innovative approaches fort he challenges the city is facing
  • Foster an environment for embracing our passion for and commitment to the city.