The Sustainable Way of Living – at TEDxRotterdam

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.

– Gandhi


We invite you to join our next exciting mini-conference for 2018 – this time it is extra special! Why?


As we shared with you back in January, this year we made some exciting changes in the way we bring ideas to our community – you. As a way to connect with you on a new level, and truly address matters that you deeply care about, during our last event we asked you what would you like to see from our TEDxRotterdam stage. And you delivered!


We received many great responses and it was truly a privilege to have a glimpse at what inspires you! It was not easy to pick out just one topic… but we had to! For the future, we will be sure to dip into your ideas again – there were so many relevant and important topics that you are interested in and we would love to tackle together. So, stay tuned for more!


The topic we picked for April is revolving around Sustainability and Sustainable ways of living. In the eve of Earth Day 2018 (this year dedicated to ending plastic pollution), it is the time to think how humanity is affecting its only currently liveable home. Rotterdam has a growing community of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs from all spheres of life, and we are all excited to hear their take on sustainability, as well as the future of leading a life that doesn’t harm our one and only planet! As the 19th century essayist Henry D. Thoreau put it, “What is the use of a house if you don’t have a decent planet to put it on?”


In the spirit of beginning the new year, and the new life that spring brings to us, we hope that Sustainability will be an inspiration for all of us to become at least a little bit more conscious and deliberate about our environmental choices.


This specially curated event will bring us all once more together, at the Rotterdam Hotel Marriott on April 20th! Remember, we have only a limited number of tickets, and that there is a drink included in the price of your ticket! Secure your spot now by following this link to buy your ticket!


We cannot wait to see you at the Rotterdam Marriott Hotel, where our lovely partners will help us share some great ideas once again, in the heart of Rotterdam!


  • April 20
  • Walk in at 16:00
  • Start time 16:30
  • Rotterdam Marriott Hotel
    Weena 686
    3012 CN  Rotterdam
  • Ticket price € 15,99
  • NO Refund
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