When and where are the TEDxRotterdam events in 2017?

There will be 4 TEDx Rotterdam events in 2017:


Event: TEDxRotterdam Open Mic – Side Event

Date: 15 June 2017

Time: 16:00 – 20:00 hrs

Location: Venture Cafe Rotterdam (Groot Handelsgebouw)

Address: Stationsplein 45, 3013 AK Rotterdam


Event: TEDxRotterdam Side Event II – Women-event

Date:  28 September 2017

Time: 16:00 – 20:00 hrs

Location: To be announced

Address: To be announced


Event: TEDxRotterdam Side Event III – Innovation-event

Date: 5 October 2017

Time: 16:00 – 20:00 hrs

Location: To be announced

Address: To be announced


Event: TEDxRotterdam 2016 Main Event – Being Connected

Date: 3 November 2017

Time: 09:00 – 17:00 hrs

Location: Doelen Rotterdam


More details will be further announced. Please stay tuned by following our Facebook page for updates.

How can I attend TEDxRotterdam 2017 events?

TEDxRotterdam Open mic and TEDxRotterdam Ladies are free and open-to-all events. You will need to register online on to reserve yourself a spot. The registration forms will be open soon.


The TEDxRotterdam main event Aspire to Inspire is free and an invitation-only event. To be considered as a delegate you will need to register at to submit your profile. You will then be kept informed of any news for the main event.

Where can I find more information about the program and speakers’ information for TEDxRotterdam events?

The TEDxRotterdam team is now working hard to invite and select speakers who are best suited for each event. More details will be posted on our website. Please stay tuned by following our Facebook page.

How can I become a speaker for TEDxRotterdam?

We welcome your applications! As a speaker for TEDxRotterdam, your idea must be relevant the theme of the events. To be considered as a speaker, you are required to submit a link of your video to us (length: 90 seconds max), together with your profile and contact details to You will be informed of your application status.



What will happen after you have uploaded your video to us?

TEDxRotterdam will first assess whether your video meets the requirements. After that we will upload your video to our Facebook page so we can enthuse others about your idea and the Open Mic event.*  If your video and idea meet the requirements, you will receive an invitation to participate in the open mic evening. Make sure you can be reached by e-mail and phone. Of course we will keep the information strictly to ourselves.


A winner will be chosen and the best idea gets a place on the big stage during our main event on 3 November 2017, along with a TED-worthy training of how to become the best speaker possible! So seize the opportunity to perform on a real TEDxRotterdam stage by sharing your idea with your city!

How can I nominate a speaker for TEDxRotterdam?

To nominate speakers, please send us their profiles, contact details and any previous video(s) to . Our speaker team will review all content and once selected, we will contact the nominated speakers directly.

Who is part of the TEDxRotterdam team?

The people in TEDxRotterdam team are all volunteers who contribute their time, knowledge and energy to work towards the same goal: share ideas worth spreading. It is our goal to ensure the ideas we share can be applied and contribute to the city of Rotterdam. To get to know the team, please check out here.

How can I be part of the TEDxRotterdam team?

We welcome volunteers to join our team, especially around our event dates! Let us know what you would like to do and your background by emailing us at You do not need to be a Rotterdammer to join us!

Can I become a Partner/ Sponsor?

Yes! In order for the audience to have free entry to TEDxRotterdam events, the support from our partners and sponsors are essential. If you are interested to become one, please do email us at

How can I organise my own TEDx-event?

Interested in organising your own TEDx-event? Find all details here.

Where do I find more information on other TEDx-events?

For TEDx events in the Netherlands, please check out here.

For TEDx events all over the world, please check out here.

How do I sign up for the newsletter?

It is easy! You can simply sign up by click the “subscribe to newsletter” at our home page and enter your email address.

I don’t want to receive the newsletter anymore. What do I do?

To opt out from our newsletters, please click the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the newsletters.

I still have a question that is not listed above, what should I do?

Don’t worry! You are welcome to reach out to us by email or look at our contact page for a specific team.