EVENT 2017

Main Event Being Connected


November 3rd will mark the day of the annual TEDxRotterdam Main Event, hosted in cooperation with De Doelen.


What can you expect?

The daylong event includes 10 incredible speakers, a wide variety of musical arts, plenty of audience engagement, tasty food and drinks.


Being Connected

We believe we are living in an age where everything, including ourselves, is connected. We measure our connectivity by the number of friends on Facebook or our first-degree contacts on LinkedIn. A beautiful experience exists only by the number of likes you get from others. Are we truly so connected?


So stop and reconsider your daily routine. For instance, your choice to choose junk food or to go for the healthy option. The choice you make will have a prolonged effect on you and loved ones around you. Therefore, we should be all connected. This applies to all of our daily deliberations and more.


Join the main event of TEDxRotterdam 3rd November and get connected with everyone and everything the day has to offer you. This event will take place from 09:00-17:00 at De Doelen in Rotterdam. You can only apply yourself.


We have a great line-up of inspiring speakers. They bring a very interesting mix of ideas, knowledge and experience to the table, and form an excellent breeding ground to talk about ideas worth spreading.


This makes our TEDxROTTERDAM main event a great contribution to the Rotterdam region and beyond.

Jaya Baloo

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