ConnecTED through diversity


On 28 September 2017 TEDxRotterdam is organising the Ladies event. We dedicate this day to women in all of their diversity. Everyone who wants to be inspired by women can attend, so men are welcome to attend as well.


We invite you to sign up here if you are interested in attending this inspiring event.


What can you expect?


TEDxRotterdam presents strong and inspiring speakers who will talk to you from their experience, their profession, from their hearts but above all from their differences. This is what connects the people of Rotterdam. How? Come find out for yourself.


“ConnecTED through diversity”


It’s easy to see the common ground but our strength lies in finding the differences and become more diverse. Broaden our horizons and enrich our views. How do we connect? How can we celebrate our differences in order to connect and grow? All questions to which you might find or give answers by listening and talking to other strong and conscious women. Being connected.


TEDxRotterdam presents:

Mixed Up

Women and diversity seem to be inextricably linked with each other. Even in 2017. At work, women don’t always automatically ‘sell’ their unique qualities as indispensable. That’s why notions such as ‘glass ceiling’ and unequal payment still exist. Perhaps you didn’t realise this, but communication, marketing and branding play an important role in the diversity theme. Expression, presentation and knowledge: that’s what’s it all about. During a mini-masterclass, we will zoom in on diversity, uniformity and be a woman. Why are these notions often related to each other? How do we, women, deal with all this and how can we turn it to our advantage?


This mini-masterclass is offered to you by CHCommunicatie at the TEDxRotterdam Ladies Event. As communication advisor, intercultural communication specialist and experienced manager, Cynthia Haaswijk will share her knowledge and experience with the TEDxRotterdam audience.
This year’s TEDxRotterdam Ladies Event theme is: Connected through diversity. Diversity as an advantage. What makes us unique can connect us. By seeing differences as additional qualities, women can turn the world upside down.


That’s why the master class (is entitled) “MIXED UP”.
We are going to turn it around: Diversity creates uniformity.
Buy your ticket for the TEDxRotterdam Ladies Event and sign up for the MIXED UP masterclass.


Masterclass Leadership Challenge


Did you know that only 2% of the world’s top CEOs are women?
Women face many challenges in their roles as the leader. Many of these come from other people and some of them come from the women themselves.
So what stands in the way between you and excellent leadership? How can you overcome these challenges? How do you deal with unconscious gender biases?
During this master class, we will answer these questions and more. We will provide you with insights and tools to improve your leadership mindset.
Whether you’re a manager at a company, starting your own business, working as a freelancer or aspiring to a promotion, these insights can prove valuable (BW: or even: invaluable!).

The beauty of identifying and understanding our unique challenges lies within the understanding of them. When we understand the challenges, we can create a game plan to move forward.



Why Not 3? Work Life Balance for Overachievers


We live in a world where being stressed out just comes with life. We put in the grind every day and value our intense work ethic over most things. We have accepted the fact that you are supposed to push through the stress and exhaustion that comes from constantly working. When the Founder of Why Not 3, Lova Kremer, witnessed a friend become hospitalised due to excessive stress, he knew something needed to change.



After delivering a seriously last minute workshop on the topic of work-life balance, Lova realised how much his knowledge about reducing stress could help people. While the information that Lova delivered in his first workshop seemed second nature to him, he realised that so many people were hearing it for the first time. It was then Why Not 3 became a reality. Simply put, Why Not 3 helps stressed-out overachievers balance their health, wealth, and relationships. We cut through the crap to bring practical tips that can help you achieve the work-life balance that we all want. No more fluff, no more impractical advice, and no more expectations to push yourself until burnout. Just a community of people helping each other become happier, healthier, and wealthier.



Lova Kremer has learned from the best of the best about biohacking, marketing skills, business skills, and growing relationships. From juggling several companies while being a law student, he either had to succumb to the stress or rise above. After gathering a team of like-minded people to help him, Why Not 3 became an online community where people could gather to learn about work-life balance techniques. Why Not 3 does not exist so that we can upsell people in our pipeline. Why Not 3 exists so that we can give our stressed out society a break. Don’t you think we need one?

Practical information


Save the date: Thursday 28 September 2017


Location: Spaces Hofplein,
Hofplein 20
3032 AC  Rotterdam


Time: 16:00 – 20:00
Walk-in: from 14:00


Ticket price: €25*


More information will be available soon.


*Cancellation and no-show policy: Cancellation of registration is free of charge.

This can be done until September 24 and must be done via e-mail